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Brand Strategy

A brand strategy has the power to amplify a business amongst its competitors from a whisper to being heard. Whether evolving or establishing, our Melbourne branding agency specialises in market research and collaborative brand workshops that assist businesses of all sizes to clarify their purpose, define their goals, understand their customers and ultimately, find their voice.

Market Research

Through identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a brand’s offering in the market comparatively, our brand agency allows businesses to better understand their position amongst competitors and in turn, make intelligent decisions that increase brand awareness amongst their audiences.

Audience Research

Wholeheartedly understanding a business’s audience is integral to our brand strategy consulting. Providing insight into customer behaviour and brand perceptions, our brand strategists provide businesses with the knowledge to predict potential audience interactions.

Brand Positioning

Everything from your social media approach, PR and advertising down to your in-store experience affects how your audience sees you. What do you want people to see when they look at your product or pass by your shop window? A big dreamer? A reliable old friend? A new fling? These are the questions you need to ask if you want to play a meaningful role in people’s lives.

Brand Perception

Armed with years of brand strategy consulting experience, our team are experts in examining the behaviours, motivations and frustrations of consumers. Through the application of this knowledge, our brand strategy agency in Collingwood identifies unfulfilled opportunities for businesses that help them develop a competitive advantage.

Brand Attributes

Clearly defined brand attributes reveal the personality, functionality and tangible traits of a business. Brand development strategies allow us to identify yours; refining the imagery, language and actions required for a business to be seen and heard.