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Launching a brand-new brand

We aren’t just here to make you look pretty. At Brandwell, we know that launching a brand takes a thorough understanding of the business. Everything from why you’re starting, to what makes you different and where you want to go should be taken into account when deciding on a direction for your brand. Whatever your project, we have the expertise to launch it into the world. But first things first: let’s have a chat. We’ll delve deep into your business, clarify your purpose, find your audience and help craft the right style and tone of voice to reach them.

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The art of brand creation

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Brand Design for Dux Coffee Bar

Getting branding right

Our clients say...

  • "Working with the Brandwell team is much like visiting a real-life Buddha, I’ve never personally met one but I can imagine it would be the same. The guys are relatable, trustworthy, knowledgeable and calm. They delivered faster than expected and we just loved hanging out with them".

    Paddy Hassall Director | Freshn
  • "Brandwell has a genuine passion for what they do. They really took the time to gain a detailed understanding of my business and objectives — so much so that I felt they were as excited about my company as I was. They absolutely exceeded my expectations".

    Lauren Mitchell Managing Director | Bloom Careers
  • "Brandwell invested time up front to understand the company, their final brand assets fully met the brief. Internal stakeholders were excited by the results, praising the team’s enthusiasm and willingness to go above and beyond".

    Andrew Cho Managing Director | Pico Pay