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Beau Hawthorn

Brand Identity / Name Generation
Logo Design / Website Design &
Development / Visual Styling / Digital
Marketing / Publication Design /
Marketing Collateral / Rendering
Website & Brochure Copywriting /

Brand Identity & Website Design

A boutique property development – Beau’s aesthetic is modern-design-meets-old world-elegance. Its heritage listed 1900s façade with luxe interiors meant we could take the brief to wow-factor through striking design infused with classic elements. Managing the end-to-end brand identity, including all digital and print touchpoints, we teetered from contemporary to vintage, starting with the name we created: Beau; a tribute to the original French name Beaulieu.

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We created a bespoke, classic serif typeface, and added foil-blocking to pay homage to the property’s old-meets-new design. Print marketing materials showcased the bold logo design, abstractly: we did this by extracting elements of the typeface to create page borders. We designed premium renders, and laid the design with the carefully crafted copy, on Marrs-green quality stock for a contemporary-twist.