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Brand Design for Chester & Morgan

Chester & Morgan

Brand Identity / Logo Design/
Website Design & Development/
Shopfront Signage / Marketing
Collateral Design / Brand Guidelines /
Tone Guidelines / Brand Story /
Tagline & Messaging / Website
Copywriting / Social Media Styling

Brand Identity & Website Design

Chester & Morgan are the gurus for you doing you – just better. So, it was important for us to explore their distinct view of the relationship between the cutter and the client through all branding touchpoints. Our concept development expressed their style of artistry; through fluid strokes and each individual curve of a font in key branding elements:

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like their logo and insignia, to a neutral colour palette that captured the humanness of their audience. Chester & Morgan focus on discovering someone’s inner beauty; then they work their magic in a vibey space – we explored this ethos through contrasting subject matter in photography, to bring their brand essence to life.

Website Design for Chester & Morgan
Brochure Design for Chester & Morgan
Brand Design for Chester & Morgan
Brochure Design for Chester & Morgan
Digital Marketing for Chester & Morgan