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Fergusson Winery

Brand Strategy / Brand Identity /
Website Design & Development /
Marketing Collateral / Photography /
Content Creation / Label Design /
Publication Design / Brand Guidelines /
Brand Story / Tagline & Messaging

Brand Identity & Website Design

Fergusson Winery is an authentic family-owned-and-operated Yarra Valley winery, producing beautiful drops from vines that are more than 50 years old. Seeking a refresh of their brand, we underwent an initial brand audit and landed on a simple, yet powerful thought: The Fergussons have a beautiful connection to their land, and when their wine is shared, it cultivates togetherness.

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From here, we were inspired and took a phased approach to bring every element and touch-point of the brand to life, starting with a custom colour palette, website design and photography; then moving to spatial design working alongside an architect to bring their brand identity to life, both physically and virtually.