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First Press Coffee

Brand Identity / Logo Design
Website Design & Development /
Label Design / Packaging Design/
Photography / Art Direction /
Product Label Copywriting /
Brand Story / Tagline & Messaging

Brand Identity and Website Design

First Press Coffee was a single-origin cold drip coffee brewer and bottler, with a problem: their brand did not reflect the quality and integrity of their products. Unlike other drink-on-the-go cold coffee products, their range has no nasties and is made from sustainably sourced, quality ingredients from ethical farmers. We facilitated the evolution of their brand and helped them to grow new business by revising their positioning, identity, design, photography and website.

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We supported this by making simple, yet powerful design changes to their packaging and foiling the emblem in their logo to reinforce the premium quality of their products. By doing so, we were able to help them make the most out of the five seconds on average that their products have to grab a consumer’s attention when on the shelf.