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Bold flavours that make meat the star of every meal.

Meat lovers: gather. Karnivoor is here to shake up the humble hero of many Aussie plates (think burger patties, sausages, boerewors, biltong and everything chakalaka.) Inspired by the founder’s South African heritage, they add a cheeky whack of flavour to make meat the centre stage at the dinner table. Karnivoor needed the ‘secret spices’ to create a memorable brand alongside their memorable food products.

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Setting the Scene

Karnivoor began in 2021 with a passion for bringing authentic South African-inspired food to the Australian culinary scene. Their vision was to become a household name in the BBQ meats, dried meats and recipe bases categories – to be known for lip smacking flavour and top quality ingredients that would leave a lasting impression on the tastebuds. Their brand needed to leave an equally distinct impression, from packaging and brand personality, to online and in-store experience.

The 'Aha' moment

An adventurous brand experience was key to motivating their intrepid target audience to pick up a Karnivoor product on their regular shopping trips. The bold-flavoured products that ‘shake up’ a plate became the inspiration for a bolder brand, offering something a little different to the every day meal. This was apparent in their playful and cheeky brand name choice, and flowed through to their energetic, passionate, and genuine identity.

Creative Conclusions

The visual identity gives a hint of the style and essence of Karnivoor from first glance. A dynamic custom logo and fun illustrations ‘shake up’ the industry. Combined with a striking colour palette and a textured stone finish, the product packaging gave the brand a platform to stand out on store shelves. A custom website and pitch deck were also developed in the lead up to launch to support Karnivoor to get their products on shelves.