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Kenshi Candles

What started as a simple idea to change the world, has grown into a brand that has helped fund and support over 60 charities. Kenshi is a social enterprise that shares its success with others – using the funds people already spend on candles, to fund food for those in need, and employ disadvantaged groups to help with its production.

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Life changing candles, illuminating a brighter future.

Kenshi is a social enterprise that produces candles and diffusers, with a greater goal of eradicating hunger in Australia and to help those in need. Their humble beginnings grew from a family garage production to their own candle-making facility, and it was time for their organic success to be accelerated with an updated visual identity. Brandwell was engaged for their rebranding efforts, product packaging design, and display design.

Deeper insights is key to uncovering what the brand actually offers. On the surface, Kenshi offers candles and diffusers, however what they are truly selling is goodwill, hope, and optimism. With a minimalist and pared back aesthetic, the redesign reflects what the brand stands for. The goal was to achieve an instant recognition that Kenshi is a brand with purpose, with an immediate positive association about the brand.

Creative Conclusions

Brandwell redesigned all of Kenshi’s branding to create a consistent and differentiated identity, including their logo, fonts, and packaging design. The look and feel of their candle and diffuser products were completely redesigned with a distinctive form and consideration for sustainability, with their display stands matching this direction.

The new changes have gained Kenshi a positive reputation in the marketplace, with the business growth at more than 250% since implementing the rebrand.