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When Customtec acquired Comscentre and Mach Technology, they saw a need to consolidate the three businesses into one strong business-to-business facing brand. The client needed to determine firstly the brand architecture and whether to create a completely new business name and brand or utilise the equity built into one of the existing brands. After a complete SWOT analysis, we recommended a new name and brand identity involving extensive client consultation and research, multiple brand workshops to establish internal and external perceptions, define a clear target audience and establish their positioning by conducting a thorough competitor review.  This information was then used to build a strong brand strategy to allow us to begin developing the visual identity.

Brand Identity / Brand Strategy /
Brand Guidelines / Tone Guidelines /
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Developing Orro

Once we had developed a clear strategy and framework we set to work developing the verbal Identity including a brand story, master brand-line & key messaging, vision, values, language & tone of voice. This coincided the development of the visual identity through the design & development of the logo, colour palette, typography & image styling. Based on core attributes including ‘futuristic’, ‘soothing’, ‘smart’ and ‘bold’, we built a visual identity of striking colours and gradients in strong shapes that created an approachable, but professional look and feel.


All stakeholders were overwhelmed with the result and excited to see it launch and now feel they have a clear direction and strategy to pull all of the separate business’s together and be perceived as one very confident engaging brand.